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Oristano, Sardegna

Rock, Pop rock, Britpop

copertina album  Logrind - Musica   Streaming  FIRED

Logrind - Musica Streaming FIRED

2013 / mp3
Rock, Pop rock, BritpopDurata: 19:32



© 2014 Logrind. Logrind Music. All rights reserved. Produced by Logrind. Mastered by Filippo Strang VDSS Recording Studio, Morolo (FR) Italy. All lyrics written by: Andrea Carmelita. Music by: Gianluca Macis and Alessandro Dalla Palma.


Artwork Cover by Dallas. (A.Dalla Palma)
Special thanks to Paolo Garau great man and awesome artist!
Special thanks to musicians who played on this album:
Danilo Porcu – Drums
Andrea Maccioni – Bass
Many thanks to: Judy J., Ale Serra for love and support.

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