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Testo della canzone

When the Razor- Tooth Sline
Come to my house to dine
You may find me in France or Detroit
Or off in Khartoum or in the spare room
Of my uncle Ed’s place in Beloit
You may find me in Philly Racine or Rabat
You may reach me in Malmo or Ghor
You may see me in Sikkim and likely as not
You will run into me at the store

You may find me in Hamburg
Or up in St.Paul
In Kyoto Kenosha or Nome
But one thing is sure, if you find me at all
You never shall find me at home

Album che contiene dinner guest

album Teatro dei Randagi - A light in the Attic - Andy Rocchi - Sperimentazioni di AudiolibriTeatro dei Randagi - A light in the Attic
2014 - Sperimentale, Easy-listening, Blues Il Vaso di Pandora Records
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