Andy Rocchi - Sperimentazioni di Audiolibri - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics the toad and the kangaroo



Testo della canzone

Said the toad to the kangaroo
I can hop and so can you
So if we marry we’ll have a child
Who can jump a mountain or hop a mile
And we can call it a toadaroo
Said the hopeful toad to the kangaroo

Said the kangaroo my dear
What a perfectly love idea
I would most gladly marry you
But as for having a toadaroo
I’d rather we call it a kangaroad
Said the kangaroo to the frowning toad

So the argued but couldn’t agree
On rangatoo or kangaree
And finally the toad said I don’t give a dang
If it’s rootakoad or toadakang
I really don’t feel like marrying you
Fine with me said the kangaroo

And the toad had no more to say
And the kangaroo just hopped away
And they never married or had a child
That could jump a mountain or hop a mile
What a loss what a shame
Just ’cause they couldn’t agree on a name

Album che contiene the toad and the kangaroo

album Teatro dei Randagi - A light in the Attic - Andy Rocchi - Sperimentazioni di AudiolibriTeatro dei Randagi - A light in the Attic
2014 - Sperimentale, Easy-listening, Blues Il Vaso di Pandora Records
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