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Testo della canzone

Did you hear about ticklish Tom?
He got tickled by his mom
Wiggled and giggled and fell on the floor
Laughed and rolled right out the door
All the way to school and then
He got tickled by his friends
Laughed till he fell off his stool
Laughed and rolled right out of school
Down the stairs and finally stopped
Till he got tickled by a cop
And all the more that he kept gigglin’
All the more the folks kept ticklin’
He shrieked and screamed and rolled around
Laughed his way right out of town
Through the country down the road
He got tickled by a toad
Past the mountains across the plain
Tickled by the falling rain
Tickled by the soft brown grass
Tickled by the clouds that passed
Giggling rolling on his back
He rolled on the railroad track
Rumble rumble whistle roar
Tom ain’t ticklish anymore

Album che contiene ticklish tom

album Teatro dei Randagi - A light in the Attic - Andy Rocchi - Sperimentazioni di AudiolibriTeatro dei Randagi - A light in the Attic
2014 - Sperimentale, Easy-listening, Blues Il Vaso di Pandora Records
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