Descrizione a cura della band

"Helltown" talks about the town of marvin (our town).. starts with "64"
marvin in this song tells of the devil that makes him so mad and sad and he says "to my devil atomic trash", when he wrote this song our singer was depressed and he was thinking to be possessed by the devil ... "Firing the shit and eating some nachos" tells about an imminent war and marvin goes out in the street to say it to all the people in his town .. "Ass running" starts with "ash run in youth" our singer usually put the ashes in his hair because he thought it would be resurrected from the ashes as a phoenix ... "Funny girl" it's the think to have a girlfriend more funny than the ex-girlfriend of the time of our singer she was so bad and she always treated him badly ... "Toad" was created to make people mosh! "Full of shit" is dedicated to all the people of our town they are all bullshits! finally arrive "Helltown"
speaks about our town and hellish air that surrounds it. in our country there are many satanic beliefs and the people are very bigoted ... think that people believe in a curse of so many years ago ... citizens have placed the black crosses at the entrances of the country to ward off the devil :) "Ross bad boss" uhmmm talks about nothing ... "Garage" garage expresses the desire to live in america to be free and to be in the wild of united states like las vegas and other city... in "Off-time" Marvin expresses the thoughts ? of his mind, he thinks to be so strong as the others but it's an illusion of him. "Springfield" takes the title by the simpsons , at ? Marvin like so much watch it.. but the song talk about him and his dependencies by drug and alchool, he has a hallucination and watch himself at the mirrors backing to home and he sees to be ? a monster. "Trip in the pussy" talk about condoms and safe sex (I've got the "helmet" for my cock .....) . "Trust in Kim" talk about the love story of our bassist and his girlfriend . "It" screams about the clown of stephen king . "Sex machine" is a hymn against all the people who drop out when they are with you in a rock band. in "do you want a lemon?" Marvin is so done and he see with the solo of this song hallucination . "Bad days" : probably it's the best work of this album...


pablo cabriolu / voce chitarra ritmica solista
alberto meloni / basso
francesco meloni / batteria


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