album Lo-Fi o No? - Samuele Matteucci

Samuele Matteucci Lo-Fi o No?

2012 - Sperimentale, Psichedelico, Progressive

Descrizione a cura della band

If you're ready to wander through odd time signatures, big harmony vocals, dreamy soundscapes, folkish questions on existence, dark proggy bits and acid bluesy supermaket lanes, this is the right record for you! Enjoy it!


"Lo-Fi o No?": it's an Italian word game that means "are you doing it or not?", obviously with a clear reference to Lo-Fi stuff too.
And the answer is: "Yes, I'm doing it!".

This is my first release, and it includes new and older songs from different projects still unreleased and unfinished as well as songs
written and recorded just a couple of days before the "Lo-FI o No?" release.
I decided to drop in five songs in Italian language plus five in English while the record's opening and final tracks are two instrumentals.
What else can I say? I hope you really enjoy it!


All songs written by Samuele Matteucci, except "La Città (parte 1)" written by Samuele and Saverio Matteucci.

Samuele Matteucci: vocals, backing vocals, guitars, bass, mellotron and all keyboards, drums programming.


Dave Meros (Spock's Beard, Eric Burdon's New Animals): bass on "Blues Urbano"
Peter Crighton (Frank Zank): guitar solo on "Blues Urbano"
Federico Leo (Gronge, Bottega Glitzer): drums on "Blues Urbano", "Non Ha Senso"

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered in 100Rec Studios (100CelleAperte), my grandmother's house in Rome and my small bedroom in London.

I'd like to thank my family, my special brother and my old and new lifetime friends which includes...well, you know who you are ;-)
A special thank to Tony Carnevale and his great lab for supporting me and removing some kind of writer's block!
A very special thank to the Gronge family, you're the best!!
Last but not least, I'd like to thank 100CelleAperte for their great availability and support!

This album is dedicated to Maria Adelaide and Sergio Lucidi.


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