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DVD-Format: PAL – All Regions. DVD-9 / CD-Audio / DVD-Aspect: 16:9 / 4:3 / Playtime: 480 min / Dolby Digital Stereo Genre: Gothic-Rock-Dark-Wave-Ambient In cooperation with the scene magazine “nachtaktiv” volume three of the CD/DVD compilation series “Gothic Visions” was created contrasting purposely with the usual clip compilations of the genre and setting their sights on portraying a range as wide as possible of classical and current trends within the alternative dark wave / ambient and gothic music sector. Again they put emphasis on a mixture as diversified as possible consisting of well-known names like Eisbrecher, Lacrimosa, Whispers In The Shadow, The Arch or Ikon as well as many bands out of the wide range of Gothic, Wave and Indie / Electro underground music like e.g. Golden Apes, Technikult Of Flesh, Traumtaenzer, Rigna Folk, Downstairs Left, or Gates Of Dawn. Volume III of the series expands again the musical scope, moving into the fields of electronic wave and gothic / medieval folk including these corners of the dark alternative music scene as well. In addition to the audio CD with a running time of approx. 80 minutes, the extensively equipped DVD provides an additional audio section with a running time of more than 120 minutes as well as more than 250 minutes of partly unreleased video clips, rare live performances, slide show specials and gothic visual clips.



A Life Divided, Wolfenmond, Eisbrecher, Stahlmann, Traumtaenzer, Mundtot, Aeon Sable, The Arch, Metall-spürhunde, The Mist Of Avalon, Canterra, Lacrimosa, Six Times Zero, Christine Plays Viola, Regardless Of Me, Vendemmian, The Deep Eynde, Lolita KompleX, Pavla Mikulasova, Eden weint im Grab, Ghostfog, Coppelius, Golden Apes, Sandow, In Strict Confidence, Technikult Of Flesh, Black Tears, Der Klink, Transit Poetry, Bionic, Minus- heart, Felsenreich, Schwarzes Fragment, Whispers In The Shadow, Place4Tears, Veneno para las Hadas, Violent Vision, Verney 1826, Eisblume, Rebentisch, Psycherotique, Second Skin, Dr. Arthur Krause, The Eternal Fall, Fundetta, The Prayer, Children On Stun, Psycherotique, Gates Of Dawn, Explizit Einsam, Kehrwert, Twenty Six Tears , Andreas Gross, Leichenwetter, Saints Of Ruin, [de:ad:cibel], The Last Cry, The Eternal Fall, Fun-detta, Liquid Grey, The Prayer, The Daughters Of Bristol, Verney 1826, The Deep Eynde, Harlots Of Beyond, , Pavla Mikulasova, XMH, Dr. Arthur Krause, New Zero God, Anna Aliena, Basilisk, Rigna Folk, Twenty Six Tears, Luc Stargazer, Northern Sadness, Gates Of Dawn, Golden Apes, Mirrored In Secrecy, Rebentisch, Eisblume, Art Noir, Canterra, Dolor, Elandor, Chamsiin, Technikult Of Flesh, Inscissors, Christine Plays Viola, Projekt Ich, Katanga, Astray Path, P24 , Mission Zanzibar, Felsenreich, Repeating Pain, Tränenwelten, IKON, The Hiram Key, Descendants Of Cain, Herzparasit, Denight, [die!], Downstairs Left, Tunes Of Dawn, Wayne Hussey.


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