Descrizione a cura della band

"Pastel Dissonances" is the fifth studio album of the one-man project DIGITALIS PURPUREA.
A sacrifice of his intimate feelings expressed through space-age vocoders, dreamlike blues, acoustic scenery, conceptual noise and sentimental distortions.
A Giallo audio suite, sequel to the previous part titled "Palindrome Shapes Of Mold".
Entirely written, recorded and audio engineered by Cristian Pi Greco.

A Morose Opera, Full Of Colors.

"I'm studying the connection among the turquoise color, the number 4 and the dissonance in my life. This is my private Giallo." Cristian Pi Greco

"The Mesmeric Lights Of Vegas" - Videoclip:


DIGITALIS PURPUREA is a one-man project.

Cristian Pi Greco: All Instruments and Programming.

Music / Lyrics / Recordings / Mix / Mastering by Cristian Pi Greco


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