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album Linna Emanuele Pintus

Emanuele Pintus Linna


2021 - Cantautoriale, Pop, Indie


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Emanuele Pintus, born in 1985, is a sardinian singer, guitarist and composer. Over the years he has been known for being the voice and the leader of the Diva , Whiu Whiu!! and Bumbe Orchestra.

Afterwards he started a solo career addressed to a peculiar songwriting in Sardinian language establishing itself with his debut album Linna, released the 19th February 2021 on all music streaming platforms. The tones of the songs are dark and the arrangements are bares.

The album is inspired by the sudden global COVID-19 pandemic, and it is ruled by a baroque sound, rich and melancholy, as seen on tracks like POP, Genia or Galana.

Sennora depicts the elegy addressed to his native land, sadly defined: "injured mom who will never heal".

The album is writed and managed by the same Emanuele Pintus with the collaboration of Giuseppe Aledda [La Cisterna, Cagliari], who has produced and mixed the album; he has also records bass and drums tracks;
Andrea Pica [Officine 13, Olbia] who has done the mastering;
Luca Fadda, who has made the artwork.

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