Homesick Suni - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics All I Want For Christmas



Testo della canzone

I can feel my heart beatin'
just inhale and stop breathin'
we're going to have a ball on this Christmas Eve

Getting together
on our road back to Nazareth
we're driving backwards, cruisin' on a comet through time

And when we will approach the hack where Jesus was born at
we will pass it through and disappear
'cause I want to go back to the age of dinosaurs
and check if it's true that they have evolved into chickens
...That's all I want for Christmas

My report is: I don't know
'cause things weren't clear
now we've got to keep on drivin' away

We are getting higher
on our road back to Beginnings
we may get involved in the Big Bang shit, so wait:

We better take this comet back to Christmas right on time
'cause you know what we're gonna do tonight
we're gonna chill the fuck out of this 2014
light it up and pass it, even Santa Claus is green, so please listen
...That's all I want for Christmas

Album che contiene All I Want For Christmas

album A Christmas Gift For U - Homesick SuniA Christmas Gift For U
2014 - Soul, Pop, R&B
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