Lorenzo Antichi - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Dopo tante notti



Testo della canzone

don't you want know my fight? there is truth in my lost eyes..
throught the ages passed, throught the things that i've learned
don't you want know my fight?this is what i ve try
we'll win fighting day after day , night after night.
and when this young world is closed, and when our soul is stolen
we become again, the living things that we were one time
and when this old world is opend, i undestrand that we've to fight
day after night, day after day, night after night.
day after day, night after night.

Album che contiene Dopo tante notti

album Flusso di Coscienza - Lorenzo AntichiFlusso di Coscienza
2015 - Elettronico, Cantautore, Alternativo
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