Skies - Testo Lyrics Long Run

Testo della canzone

Won’t take too long
My leaving home
Don’t wait for my return

Take my hands
We’ll cruise in these lands
I’m so proud to be your man

We’ll take all we can carry, we’ll have some fun
This gonna be the start of our long run

We gotta go
Where I don’t know
Won’t be back anymore

Antoher sunrise
Will surprise
Us and our wanderlust

We’ll roll miles and miles to the glory and to the sun
This gonna be the start of our long run

Wheels spin and spin
And so our dreams
On this line we’ll redeem

We’ll burn the tires till we come undone
We’ll never draw the end of this long run

Album che contiene Long Run

album Long Run EP - SkiesLong Run EP
2015 - Pop, Indie, Folk
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