Descrizione a cura della band

..... The self-produced album "Touch me and i will save you" was an avant-goût of "Hong Kong Express": each of its tracks was conceived and recorded in a different city and the sessions were joined in on by an eclectic congregation of musicians, many of whom our hero met on his travels.
In "Hong Kong Express" fat basslines create Berliner style patterns pulsating through landscapes of oriental instruments such as the Erhu, Zheng, Sanxian and swarms of Chinese percussions. While you listen to these tracks, you'll be able to see and feel the places, faces and ambience of the streets in Hong Kong and of the smothering cubby-hole in Kowloon where they were conceived and almost completed ....


Music & arrangements by Willem Gator. Recorded and mixed by Willem Gator at Homemade Studio (Italy) and Portlands Studio (Hong Kong) editing at Zen Arcade (Catania) by Sebastiano D'amico, Mastering at Mydigitalstudio (Poland).

Davide Trovato - Electric Bass
Catherine Ma - Vocals on track no.4
Iris Wong - Viola, Cello
Zhang Xiu - Erhu
Man-king Li - Zheng
Wing-yin Chan - Sanxian
Anthony Choi - Chinese Percussion


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