Few instruments much power. This is the main concept of the South Tyrolean Alternative Band The Living Targets. Since 2007 they..ve been rocking on any possible opportunity, from small concerts in fucked up basements to shows on big stages. They..ve already shared the stage with big bands such as NOFX. The Living Targets sing about violence, corrupt moral, personal independence, hate and love. So to criticize is an important thing about their music, but not the only one. Also love for the music and fun on stage is important for them. Some things on earth have to be changed. The Living Targets know that change isn..t possible from today to tomorrow. But maybe to produce some smiling faces after a concert, and to encourage people to think about problems by listening to their songs is their contribution for a better world. On may 13th 2010 The Living Targets release their first album "Inneriot", as a free download through the net label Airbagpromo Records. A tour in- and outside the country is being planned, new songs are already in work and love for the music is still alive. So be prepared for The Living Targets!