30 MILES - The Forest [MV]

14/11/2018 - 17:52 Scritto da 30 MILES 30 MILES 7

Do you remember?
How we came here? Where are we?
Do you remember?
How easy still is to graze the knees?
This fucking fog is so thick,
everytime I run into it.
Am/I’m losing grip?!
Searching a place where to scream,
a place where to win.
Yeah! The forest in my head.
Here I choose what I am.
The forest in my hands.
Do you have idea
how much we love to share this place?
Do you have any idea
how lonely it is here when you're afraid?
I must have lost the keys,
I'm locked in I need to breathe.
Am I afraid of me?
Or simply scrared of living free?
Yeah! The forest in our heads.
Here we choose what we are.
The forest in our hands.
That's me getting mad,
on the train, on the bus,
on the plane,
anytime, anyway.

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