Hategroove from Padua

8FUL STRIKE was born in 2008 in Padua from 7 musicians coming from different bands and backgrounds, but with the same aim: to create a new project, a new band to mix all their different influences and their will to shock the audience from every point of view. Their idea of a metal band is a synergy of intents, music, inspiration and visual impact.

Influenced by modern bands from the NWOAHM, with adds from the HC world and a taste of old school shit, they created their own style and will spread it with strenght, granting every time so a powerful live show, full of energy, motion, anger and hate, that you won’t be able to ignore it!

The 7 musicians started performing in the North-East of Italy, sharing the stage with many important bands of the local scene and taking part in different contests. 2 years of live shows brang them to the attention of different recording labels and in 2010 they finally reached an agreement with JetGlow Recordings.

In November 2010 they released their first LP “Leave Yourself Behind”,under JetGlow Recordings. The album is the result of more than two years of hard work and sacrifices.

In 2011 the band continued spreading their first studio piece touring in Italy and Switzerland, advertising it in many radio programs and magazines, with good answers from the critics.

In 2012 the band, with the support of friends, radios and other bands, decided to promote a campaign in favor of underground music to help the scene in growing and improving.
They also kept gigs going and shot their first videoclip for the track "Blind", followed by a second release, the EP "EnvironmentalBreakdown", and another videoclip for the titletrack.

In summer 2012 they won the JoRock Contest 2012 and reach the 3rd place at AltichieRock, and shared the stage with the american hard rock monsters Warrior Soul, plus the finest underground italian act, Destrage.

The band is currently working on their third release under Jetglow Recordings, the most brutal and intense groove metal record that they ever wrote, expected to land on earth in Spring 2016.

8FULSTRIKE...Stay tuned, the hate never gives up...