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Testo della canzone

Late you've been on my case
We'll I'm sorry to find you in such a dreadful state
You see I'm not the kind of guy to hold ya down
If you got something else to say
I'm available Mondays to fridays yo know where to find me

I got my head in the clouds
My two feet on the ground
Nothings gonna move me
Whatcha trying to do whatchat trying to say
You acting funy when things start going my way
I got my heart on the line, Still you wanna knock me
What's this gonna prove
It's said how things turned out this way
But tomorrow's another day, Another day for you

Well I see you're just not happy
We al have our reasons, It could be just one of those days
Those days turn into months, you're left counting reasons
Did you ever thing about the times we shared
Some day it'll hit you know where
To run to the question is will I be there

If I forever never ever never ever see you again
Be too good to be true but
Our worlds are one and the same, Power launches and pariour games
I can't see what the season will bring
Some things never change, I don'tknow if it'll ever be the smae
Some things never change.

I got my head in the clouds
Nothings going to move me, I got my heart on the line
Still you want to know me
I got my heart, head

This time you've gone too far
If I was you I would walk away
This time you've gone too far
If I was you I would walk away
If I'm heading north your ass
Better be running south walk away
This tie you've gone too far
If I was you I would just walk away

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