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Testo della canzone

Just give me a li'l more time
So I can just relax and lay down
On some beautiful real estate
The kind that money can't find
She burns so bright
She burns so bright

Knocking on my door
No don't you worry
I got this all under control
If things get tight
We can call the whole things off
Better run she's gonna waste you
Better check your temperature
Follow the beat go faster and faster and faster

No one break from the formation no I won't run I won't run
Finally my sins are forgiven don't change the channel straight to battle
No one break from the formation stand your ground stand your ground
When you're this close to the sun now's not the time to run

Don't wait for tomorrow

Now I see you're trying that Jedi mind shit on me
But I apologize I just ain't that kind of guy
Let me get you a name of someone else
He'll get back to you with a courteous reply
But it's been too long too long
I'll burn first before it's long gone long gone
Don't you worry bout me

He wrote a letter saying for all that's he's done wrong
Me the perpetrator red handed middle finger on the trigger
Sold on the idea that bigger was better
Whatever it took sell your soul better go
Cuz I'm not here to play no part
This boy's a fighter all star all souls
This boy's tle clear winner
Ready to fire ready to go

Don't wait for tomorrow

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