Italian Band from Tuscany

• Lenny - Guitar/Vocals
• Fede - Drums/Vocals
• Paolo – Bass
• Dani - The Voice
Founded in 2013 by three friends used to play together in another rock group and later completed with the inclusion of an irreplaceable four: "The Voice".
CoolMojo is a new rock band with old school roots. Based on a foundation of Classic Rock, Blues, Punk and sheer force. We seeks to rejuvenate a classic sound all but lost today. Everything we record is recorded live or "all at once"; the true essence of a band lies on the stage, not in the studio.
For booking, questions, concerns, fan mail & hate mail, etc you may email us at We'd love to hear from you!
Note: If you like a cover of ours, download it! Covers will always be available for free download, regardless of their originality.