demo 2015

Singer and songwriter born in Rome, she partecipated twice at the prestigious "Beach Bum Festival" Jesolo -Italy (Chemical Brother, Oasis, Skunk Anansie,Ozric Tentacles edition).
Supporters of Flashtones and Tura Satana. In 2006 she recorded a new demo containing four songs entirely produced by her with the collaboration of high ranking musicians such a Simone D'Eusanio (violinist for Antonella Ruggero and Elisa) and Giovanni Vianelli (pianist for Angelo Branduardi). An introspective, acoustic piece of art tending to a dark side which captured the attention of Michael Pergolani and Renato Marengo who immediatly wanted her as a guest in the studios or Radio 1 Rai (n.1 radio in Italy) dedicating to her many specials during their program "Demo".
She partecipated twice at the program Rehearsal Room "Sala Prove" on the tv channel Rock Tv.
At the end of 2008 she founded a new band called HOOSH, an alternative rock duo alongside the guitarist-programming-engineering,The Jab.
In the last few years they played live in festivals for Radio Rai 1 and Mei in Faenza Italy, as well as In Orbit Sessions in Slovenia .
In July of 2012 they published their first album "HOOSH". From recording to mastering, it's entirely self produced. This album sound is rock-alternative-punk.
In the 2013 they toured in London March and again in August.
At the end of 2013 the band has split because she decided to move to London permanently, while the Jab chose to stay in Italy.