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Testo della canzone

Break down, break down
'cause we care
Same old story, different time, a fairy tale
Stay down, stay down
Don't you dare
I will speak my mind today and I'm not scared
So if you're sin free
Throw the first rock against me
But I will stand for the braves
Whatever it cost me
Rise again, get up now
Together we stand, divided we fall
Break no, break no
Before you bent
When is said and done we'll rise our fist again
Cry no, cry no
Not these days
'cause my eyes are dry for all the pain and hate
Now we're back down on the road
And all the damage is done
Just because you're winning
Don't mean you're the lucky one
Rise again, get up now
Together we stand, divided we fall

Album che contiene Wake Up Call

album Wake Up Call Fonzie
Wake Up Call - Rap, Hip-Hop

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