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15/07/2015 - 16:43 Scritto da HLMNSRA HLMNSRA 1
Put the dust into a large mixing bowl, add some Duke Ellington and switch on the SP404.

Raimondo ‘HLMNSRA’ is an Italian Beatmaker/Producer based in London.

From Agrigento sunny vibes to the darkness of London city, Ra has been bubbling the worldwide web and has quickly gained appreciation and made it onto playlist of global blogs.

Ra’s music history is mostly explained in his soundcloud page, nothing officially released yet.

Beats, reflips, bootlegs, following the main philosophy of the ruff drafts, a vintage Hip-Hop taste mixed with a huge passion for technology and softwares, glitches, Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks and funky breaks, melodies as feelings, 8bit storytelling, unquantized love.

After taking part of the first italian compilation focused on beat making local scene,, he’s now ready to come out with his first release ‘UNTIDY TILES’ for FreshYo! Label.

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