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Testo della canzone

Down on mother earth somebody laughs of mirth
Down where I must be bound there's an empty body
I don't want to mess around, I'd rather be ...

Down they wait for me, even against my will
Down I'd be something wrong, even if I'd be God
Down I'd be a fuckin' prey

Why won't you leave me on my own
Leave me alone

Remember is the verb, I forgot the sense
Whether I’ve last been man or I don't know
or who I love the times I've been there

September is the month, they chose for me to come
I can't say it's bad, I know I'll be dead
as soon as the sun will set or by the morning light


I won't survive the day that I die.

Album che contiene Butterfly Rebel Soul

album Tracce recuperate Korach & Blue Vibrations
Tracce recuperate 2012 - Rock, Blues

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