Mama'S Anthem What I Have to say video


Official Video 2014
track from "B-Side" EP by MANU
Music: performed n produced by MANU
recorded n mixed @ Vibes Point Band by Piero Dread

Video: Recorded n Edited by Marta Sampietro

Music & Words: Manu
Lead Vocals:Manu
Drums:Nico Roccamo
Bass:Sergio Grimaldi
Keys:Matteo Pozzi
Guitar: Rudolf Minuto
Sax: Filippo Cozzi
T bone: Gabriele Bonsignori
Trumphet: Vito Emanuele Galante

Musicians on video:
Lead Vocals:Manu
Feat.: Naima outta Black Beat Movement
Drums:Daniele Scozzaro
Bass:Sergio Grimaldi a.k.a. Crjo
Keys:Matteo Pozzi
Guitar: Alessio Cake Torta

What I have to say in the right way
is what I have to care for and need to share
What I have to say while I sing and play

I want to disturb the mind of who doesn't just believe in change
I have to break the sound of a crowded land of non-sense
I can’t forget the clouds standing over like your air from mouth
Misunderstandings are what those people leave us just around

If you shout your rights
it may be that no one will listen
if you talk plan, guy
it may be that no one can feel that
Have you got a “why “ have you got a “why” ?
and many stories to tell
Have you found a sign, have you found a sign?
to give a lesson and not give up there

So tell me tell me
how to face my daily struggle
sometimes I feel good but if I'm weak, I'm inna trouble
maybe inna song I can find a new solution
the first step of my own revolution
Oceans of emotions
everytime I'm feeling lost into all my questions
words got the power to tell us the truth
but it depends from the sense and the use
it depends from the sense and the use

Remember that the truth is more powerful than pure
No matter for you, sure, find a critical review
Take it on your groove, that’s a beat it’s big and cool

And what you make with your faith using your hands
will be the light of the right way at sunset
but when you’ll sing
use your heart and your voice and what you fell
So give some thanx and praise

And no matter what they say
Cause what you have to say
Will be a trouble one day……

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