Aggressive Metal from Bassano del Grappa

Minatox69 is a metal band from Bassano del Grappa ( Vicenza − Italy ) officially formed in 2010. The main purpose of this project is to propose an aggressive music style that moves away from usual definitions of metal music with many and different influences (from Hard Rock to Funk etc.) and a continuous research for new sounds and mathematical songwriting. The result is an explosive sound related to energetic performances on stage, a concentrate of skill and power with freaky changes in rhythm and melody and insane screaming.

In December 2010 Minatox69 released their first demo-cd titled "La foca nel deserto" (seven audio tracks self-produced). In June 2011 the band took part in the final stage of Italian "Metal battle of the bands" (valid for play at Wacken open-air festival), getting the 2nd place. A month later, the song "The things you cannot change" is included in the Mp3 goes Metal Compilation (Noloser Records/UndergroundZine Webzine).

Minatox69 are now focused on songwirting and live promotion, ready to release their new fucking Ep "Hot Line" recorded in spring 2012. We're fucking coming...stay tuned fools!!!