Descrizione ONE MORE LAB

One More Lab is a music label and artist consultant.
It is mainly interested in finding and launching emerging artists and bringing them to the attention of Majors and important publishers.
Since it was born, in 2013, OML collaborates with some of the most renown publishers as Don’t Worry Records, Nar International, Aztec Music Publishing of London, Alter K of Paris. Thanks to its exclusive contact network and its capability, OML is able to direct the artists career, from the first steps to the official shot/launch and beyond. In some occasions OML can find the executive or the artistic production that best suits the artist. OML is proud to act with responsibility, consciousness and attention to details to satisfied every needs of its artists. Many of them have already released their first album/single, had gigs in important venues and started a successful career under the supervision of OML.
One More Lab staff has many years of experience in this business and have gained a deep knowledge but also intuition in identifying talent and capacity, the x factor, of an artist. That’s why the entire work of OML is based on supporting this artists and make them successful.


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