We are all part of several musical experiences and so we have the chance to employ our various tools.
During December 2009 we produced 'At the firelight', a brief selection of originals and traditionals, intended as a gift for our friends. That was really an amusing experience and finished all too soon. It was completed in less than three weeks and with no rehearsals. So our friends were our first audience and their comments helped and pleased us.
When we understood we wanted a bigger commitment, we spent some time to single out music and lyrics for a new work and to look for further musicians and guests. We began, starting in March 2011, 'Many Meetings On A Blithe Journey' recordings at Mentalchemy Dungeon's. This album can be considered the beginning of our offerings. We take our inspiration from nostalgia and historical impressions, through particular moods adorned by seventies atmospheres.
Time and space are our concept sailing courses for finding ideas. Basing on traditional and characterised as folk-progressive, we found out we could meet also other influences. We feel free to look for many ways to communicate what happens in our hearts, as it is, either to initiate expressing in a precise way and change into something else or use other instruments and orchestration, according to the clearer inner landscapes.
We feel sometimes that our lives are in need of a fleeting stop in order to run away from everyday stress. The pause is nothing but our meeting, that's why we picked the name 'Trewa' meaning 'truce' in ancient lombard (reported in old documents also as treuwa and treuua) pronounced /t're:va/ as well as /t'reuwa/ and /t'ri:wa/ , sharing the same linguistic root with the english words truce, true and trust, and with italian tregua and Trevano, location of our studios and mysterious village in northern Italy.
We keep working for new goals, records and gigs as well, and we are looking forward to see what the future holds...