Biografia Psychofagist

Nativity: 2002 – Novara/Piedmont/Italy
2003 – Japanese neurological centre Amputated Vein fistly noticed the case and decided to follow it. The patient was allowed to stomp the cold halls of European mental hospitals.
2004 – Italian lunatic asylum Subordinate noticed the patient, granting the privilege of its assistance.
2007 – Federico DBV was admitted to the liaison psychiatric service and a couple of months later reflections of Psychofagist’s quadruple personality disorder materialize via the Luca T. Mai breathing apparatus.
2008 to 2009 – the patient was engaged with the yelling out of new degenerative opuses with an uncountable number of hospitalisation tours. Improvements in relationship (e.g. Brutal Truth, FuckTheFacts, Zu, Misery Index, Ufomammut, The Skull Defects, Ephel Duath, Damo Suzuki) were denoted. The Second Tragic out-of-hand course began.
2010 to 2011 – a crucial period to evaluate mental health situation: several specialists denoted a worsening of its psychotic symptoms. The patient was paired up with Polish inmates Antigama.
2012 – diagnosis was complex and still ongoing. Czech electro-shock specialists Napalmed joined the asylum's medical equipe.
2013 – further exacerbation of symptoms due to the electro-shock therapy: syncope, aphasia, Faint and Distortion of normal functions. Then the blankness … and a private apocalyptic vision of its soundtrack.

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