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guys just wanna have fun!

Alberto Ruzza: Vocals, guitar
Jacopo Fiore: bass
Stefano Cesari: drums
Carla Pace: Vocals, synth

In 2011 four guys decide to put on a different project than their previous ones. They live in Italy, a country where rock music hardly reaches the popularity.

This was the beginning of Revolution Is Me (RIM), based on the idea of Olga “Bluegreen” Maletta and Alberto Ruzza which later added the drummer Stefano Cesari and the bass player Jack Fiore. In the summer of 2011 they recorded their first EP, "No way, mate!", presented in March 2012 at the famous Italian club “Circolo degli Artisti” (Rome, Italy) and which it can also count of the artistic collaboration of the greatest italian guitar-man, Adriano Viterbini from BudSpencerBluesExplosion. The album got very good reviews on the Web and this allowed the four guys to take a small tour in London in October-November 2012. The experience abroad was so electrifying that the band planned to play soon in other countries besides Italy. In April 2013 the band started the recordings of their first LP at Hombre Lobo Studio in Rome. One year later, "Disarmer" was their single-track that anticipated the official debut album "Revolution Is Me", which came out on April 4, 2014 with the labels One More Lab (IT) / North2North (UK). In June 2014 Olga left the band for personal reasons. The unexpected loss of Olga and the previous frictions within the band related to the poor visibility of the record, forced RIM to take a small period of forced break during the summer, giving up several shows scheduled in UK. Nevertheless, in October 2014, RIM launched "Synapse" the eponymous album's second single. The song achieved excellent results thanks to the participation in a major international compilation ONE MORE COMPILATION Vol.1, promoted by their label. In November 2014 Carla Pace joined the band as a singer. The ability of Carla on keyboards pushed the band to replace Olga’s guitar with more electronic sounds, while maintaining its based alternative rock. The band, with the new line-up, is now scheduling several shows and plans to record a new EP probably in summer 2015.

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