Biografia Samuele Matteucci

Born in 1984 (Rome, Italy), Samuele Matteucci grew up as any other kid and began playing piano and guitar when he was 10.
Thanks to a family friend who lent him two Beatles' LP, he was decided...he wanted to be one of them!
Since then he played in different bands and little by little he started playing and writing his own music with different bands,
among them the prog band "Le Facce di Nascosto".
In the meanwhile he wrote music for theatre plays and played as session musician (both studio and live) for different small and big Italian acts.
Back in 2008 "Le Facce di Nascosto" broke-up so he focused on writing new material on his own.
Actually, in his vault, there are three unreleased projects he's about to finish, but he decided anyway to finally put out something that is almost a wide preview
of his last four years of work: "Lo-Fi o No?".

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