Slappuccino - Testo Lyrics Negramario

Testo della canzone

Hello to all
My names is Mario
I work here
I spend my life in the sewers
I know
It isn't a nice job
but is better than dying
of hunger

But when i finish to work
my mind goes to my princess
and just like that i have forgotten the stink of s***
I think I'm really lucky
a very lucky man
even if I only have a bicycle

Here's my bike
It does not need petrol
It helps me to save my money
But.... Whaaaat!! are you stealing my bike?
Stop you a******!!!!

A nigga stole my bike
A nigga stole my bike

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album Strani rumori provenienti dallo sgabuzzino - SlappuccinoStrani rumori provenienti dallo sgabuzzino
2014 - Rock, Progressive, Alternativo
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