Sonars - Love Me Anyway

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Twenty-five with nothing to show,
all time low
I never really took your advice,
don't think twice
Empathy is hard to describe
False expectations aside
If no one's wrong, no one is right

In retrospect I should have known,
to seize,
the moments that you won't get back
Memories that toll distract,
uneventful words

I've been good, I've been bad, I've been out on my own,
love me anyway
Wasted time and destroyed things that I can't replace,
love me anyway
Doubt will always prevail each decision I make,
love me anyway
My intentions were good, I got carried away,
love me anyway

Everything that I've ever known,
The pain in my stomach won't go,
Desperation's food for the soul
Sometimes my temper explodes
The fast tracks bear cracks in the road

Victim of the times,
it takes a healthy dose,
to survive

How I wish I could change,
please believe that I've tried
I don't know if I'm wrong,
does that mean that I'm right?
No one ever deserves
No one ever complies
Is it really as bad,
as I've heard them describe?

You gave me life, gave me strength, I gave you none in return
Love me anyway
Sacrificed all you had, everything that you earned
Love me anyway
Now I'm hopelessly lost, another lesson to learn
Love me anyway
I didn't mean to do harm or to raise your concern
Love me anyway

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