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Testo della canzone


I only think about the time
it calls me, grabbin’ and tidin’ me down
and i stare at your face even now that you’re not far away

When the life has no sound
every problem
every wall may be so hard to climb
Now my music is your laugh, please don’t stop, give me your light

In the middle of the night
your voice, your smile makes me feel alive
This thrill I waited for a life it starts me making sense again

And I can’t wait another day to come
‘cause right now I need you by my side
It’s 3 a.m. and I can’t sleep, no tonight I can’t sleep

These feelings are so hard to explain
please forgive me if I run way
If sometimes my head is turned it doesn’t mean I don’t need you
This feeling that blows me away
doesn’t let me think about the way
You came inside my mind and gave me your light
You came inside my life and gave me your light

You come inside my mind and give me your light
Please come inside my life and give me your light!

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album 3rd Generation - The Backlash3rd Generation
2014 - Shoegaze, Psichedelico, Britpop Rocketman
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