Divinos:a dirty crime familybringing a show absolutely unique in its genre. influenced by world cinema,musicals, opera, rock and club music

The Divinos: "A dirty crime family"
This is a musical project absolutely unique in its genre. It mixes many different styles of music: Rock, Jazz, Opera, Dance, Club, Blues, Traditional Italian, Latin, Folk and influenced by gangster movies, spaghetti westerns, musicals and Quentin Tarrantino. "The Divinos crime family" is neither a band nor a musical. It is a show mixing the past and the future, creating a new movement of music entertainment… In total: the DIRTY CRIME SHOW! The Divinos concept was created in 2011 by Max Russo (singer, front-man & songwriter) and Chris Cutuli (ex partner and musician in the band). In the summer of 2011 came the birth of the first Crime music Family alias The Divinos taking the name from the famous American TV series The Sopranos.

- October 2011, The band built up an intensive live act touring and doing many gigs in Italy & the UK, ending with amazing gig in London at the great location at The Fiddler's Elbow in Camden Town.

- From January 2012 – March 2012 the band spent recording the first album produced by Roberto Cola.

- June 2012, the first single was released together with the first video called: “The Divino Code”.

- End of July 2012 more gigs in London, UK

- November 2012, the second single, with an amazing new video, was released: “It's Wonderful”

(An old classic Italian retro song of Paolo Conte in this electro rock spaghetti western version). This last video received many great reviews and comments from a growing audience on Youtube, allowing the band to win the award as video of the year for Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Roma.

- The end of 2012 started with a new partnership with the most important rock radio in Italy, called Radiorock. Together they produced the great Show: “A Dirty Crime Opera” with it's première on the 31st December in the best venue in Rome: Stazione Birra, to a enthusiastic audience of 800 people.

- 2013 began in the best way for The Divinos with two new great partnerships: signing for the CBM – a new amazing, American promotion, management and booking agency- for the USA. The other great partnership is with La Citè du Cinema in Paris owned by Luc Besson, who produced a new amazing video for the next single: "Doll's Amore" soon to be released in Europe, USA and South America.

- 2013 The Divinos sign with the most important Italian independent label Valery Records. The fist Full length album: “The Divino Code” will be released by Valery records in October 2013 distributed worldwide.
-2013 first tour in Spain
-2014A new deal : with the booking agency the Wicked booking&management for the Spain .