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The Hanging Outlaws | EP2013 - Rock, Indie, Garage

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From B-Side of The Hanging Outlaws | EP. Out May 8.

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You, not like me,
you are the one who likes to bleed
from the ember,
it's disclosed but you still can't see
I know this town I know how could
and how couldn't be, but you ain't me,
you'll never ever start to understand

Super villain, not for me,
you're just an heavy sound delayed
but i will wait another sec and then i'll turn you off

You, not like me,
you are the one who likes to cry
and when you do,
and i'm around, i get tounge-tied
but i'm not sorry, it's not compassion
what you see, don't judge a fool, cause it's the only thing I'll be

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