The Italian Connection - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Where will we go



Testo della canzone

Your face, it’s good to see your face again
Well I want to know, where do I go?
Your eyes, it’s good to see your eyes again
I’d like to know, where do you go?

We’d spend together the whole day, if we could
But we’ve got different lives, there to live
Your smile, yeah I love to see your smile, when it comes in a while - your smile

Sometimes I’m far and you’re near
Sometimes you’re there but I’m here

Oh you, it’s good to see you here again
But I don’t know, where will we go

Marco Descontus - music, lyrics, piano, vocals; Max Greco - electric guitar; Franco Pietropaoli - solo electric guitar, bass; Alessandro Sireus - drums

Album che contiene Where will we go

album The Italian Connection - The Italian ConnectionThe Italian Connection
2015 - Rock, Folk, Country Zimbalam
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