Volium's new EP "Once Upon A Time" is available NOW !

Hi there, this is "Julia" Stpiczynski ( Vox ) , "Dave" Piovella ( guitart ) , "Mat" Lori ( guitar ) , Daniele "Raffo" Raffaelli ( bass ) ,Daniele "Pito" Mortarino( drums ) and We are Volium!
We are an European band , made in Italy! Bologna is our Hometown...why in English?
English was our first choice since we met in 2013 and started writing songs togheter. It was a lucky pick... and we are very "attached" to it ;)
On our path we met a lot of people...two of them became part of the band : our producer ( Fausto Pierantoni /©Sunflowers Music ) and Nicola Venieri our arranger, resident audio eng of the famous rock star Vasco Rossi ( http://nicolavenieri.it/homepage.html / www.nowherestudio.net ).
In the last 9 months , we have been working very hard to release our first EP "Once Upon A Time" , two videoclips and many live gigs !
Why don't you come check us out ??

***Volium's new EP, "Once Upon A Time", is available now : http://itunes.apple.com/album/id930932974

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And don't forget to watch our new video "Fallin Apart" ( http://youtu.be/Zo61nRiKXQ4 )by Volium from "Once Upon A Time".
Video directed by Carlo Strata.
D.O.P. : Gianmarco Rossetti
Editor : Francesco Burlando
Camera Operator : Alessandro Ruggeri

Stay Tuned - Stay Volium !