Richard Von Sabeth aka Riccardo Sabetti, is the singer and founder of the new wave italian band Spiral69, now in his solo debut career

Riccardo Sabetti was born in Naples, Italy in 1981.
Is a singer, multi-Instrumentalist and Video Director. After played in the historic folk-wave band "Argine" as a bass player / guitarist, founded in 2007 the new wave band "Spiral69", still in activity with 4 albums released, 1 Ep, hundreds of concerts throughout Europe, a collaborations with Steve Hewitt (Placebo) , over 10 official videos and lots of reviews and articles on majors Italian Italian magazines and Europeans.
Rockit (the most famous Italian music webzine) , quotes them among the 10 New Wave Italian bands indispensable to know. In 2016 he began producing his first solo album with the nickname Richard Von Sabeth.
In “The King Of Nothing”, Sabetti plays all the instruments and arranges the scores for the entire orchestra.