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Alberto Campi aka AC Prodz (born november 10, 1983 in Milan) is an Italian record producer and co-owner of Exprezoo Records. AC Prodz is the name of artistic productions with which Alberto composed Electronic music.
Education: after his electronic engineer's diploma, studied audio technologies, music theory and piano. His musical career began in 2003 as a DJ techno music under the name “AC Project”, and the first record releases among which the EP "Projections" released in 2006 on Textone, the Jay Hazeʼs netlabel. His sound is constantly evolving, thanks to his experience with recording studios, bands, record labels and clubs, and in 2010 developed a project under the name Collateral Nature with Claudio Vittori, "Las Vegas" released on Machine Jockey (2010).
His versatility in the field of electronic music is demonstrated by his very different releases: from collaboration with Lemuri in the album "Not A Common Man", to those with publishers Ottonote and Decam TDD leading to his lounge music record releases under the pseudonym DJ A.Fields, up to the last works for Beat Machine Records (under the pseudonym AC Prodz), two remixes of the tracks "Lucha Libre" and "The Virgin" of the Italian rock band the NUV, where electronic music is masterfully mixed with traditional rock elements. In may 2009 founded Oakwood Studio (Monza-Italy), dedicated to music composition, production, Sound Design, mix audio, mastering audio and movie post production. From 2011 works as a record producer for Beat Machine, record label and Music Management.

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