Africa Unite - Testo Lyrics Landless riders

Testo della canzone

What we are living is a time of competition
day by day blows the same old breeze
one close to the other waiting for the gun shot
whose finger's in the trigger?
trampling, joking, fooling
what's the target of your life?
While the situation's getting harder
there's who's got no land but there's no wonder
what a gamble in these days
There's who looks for something few people know
what they're really alming at
when money's the ruler of everything
what can we do for justice to survive

RIT:We gonna ban the hate together, together
it's time to make a plan
for the landless riders
We gonna ban the hate together, together
it's time to make a change

Miles and land are gone bundle on their shoulders
mobs that follow their own light
when the time will come
happy rhythm
solution to the plight
What's the target .... (e continua come sopra)


Album che contiene Landless riders

album Un’altra ora (live + DVD) - Africa UniteUn’altra ora (live + DVD)
2004 - Reggae Alternative Produzioni, Venus Dischi
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