Africa Unite - Testo Lyrics Play Another Game

Testo della canzone

Machinery works and keep turning
Like a ball on the ground
While U?r watching the Tv on Sunday
U?r loosing another sound
Thoughts are what it?s feedin?
Magic window is on
Dem a tryng to blow up fire
dangerous addiction
Living life in Technicolor
All dem want U believe
But the kick start is played
(We can?t stay within the bounds)
What game U gonna play
When the spark is firing
How can I respect U
If U breaks the rules again
Different colors
But the picture (question) is still the same
Who is the enemy to be rocked
While the confusion makes the rules
And there?s nowhere to turn
Got to know what can we trust in
ever know what you?re running to?
Tricky troubles always
Make me wonder
Rational move in search of
Get up in the mood,we can find it
It?s time to stop and ceck it out
It wear a mask and makes its? play
There?s another change for dignity!

Album che contiene Play Another Game

album Controlli - Africa UniteControlli
2006 - Reggae Venus Dischi
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