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No house to live no one want give
nobody cares about what people need
we need a system who assures everybody occupation
we need a doctor who cares about the health of the nation
and when the working class is going on strike
no more police they are yust claiming their right
no more police they are yust claiming their right

People must work all life long yust to make the rich more strong
after this deserving prize
dem give you pension degreeding meagre pension
what can you ask more dis what can need
what can ou ask more dis

RIT. Politics rules social iniquity and every where there's a lot
of burocracy loosing your time from officeman you must run.
Democracy means power to the people
no distincion in class race or religion
but poverty brings wickness submission few rights
while president speaking in the ghetto they must fight
in the ghetto they must fight.


People must......


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