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Sitting on my thought while silence fill the air
And the time is passing by???.
Runnin? back to the past every morning
Thru the changes of my life
I recall all my searches to find my proper place
Every smile every sight was up to me to draw my life so right
?ve been blinded so many times
Closed behind my door of restless feelings
?ve been blinded so many times
When situation arise
I realised it?s time to get high
Rit: Living I wanna keep on burning
The cage of my mind
Don?t wanna waste a single day
Watch out we can?t stop changin?
No one dance for nothing
We are living on
Respect my life
I opened up di eyes to fly but
I never lost my control
Instead of leaving felling rool on by
Watch your steps
Ceckin? out situation
What goes on babylon
Every kind of kicks
But we cannot stop the time
Sitting on my thought while silence fill the air
And the time is passing by
Stars look different and brighter here tonight
There?s no matter where the wind blows living
Tomorrow you can choose your way

Album che contiene The Cage

album Controlli - Africa Unite
Controlli 2006 - Reggae Venus Dischi

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