Afterhours Inside Marylin three times Testo Lyrics

Afterhours Inside Marylin three times Testo Lyrics


Milano, Lombardia

Testo della canzone

Cherrie says
Cherrie says
She went insane
She went insane
She went too far
She went too far
And it's so heavy in her head
Down to these valleys
Down to these fields
My mind so high
Your eyes so blue
Before it was a picture
But now it's gone
It feels like rubbing against the void
Down to this valley
Down to this bridge
Ally with me
Ally your senses
A hundred years
Or i'm just fourteen
And i'll try to figure when you come
Down to this shore down to these fields
Your eyws so warm your life so chilled
Suppose that i get inside you
Get inside Get inside Get inside?

Album che contiene Inside Marylin three times

album During Christine's Sleep - Afterhours
During Christine's Sleep 1990 - Rock, Alternativo Vox Pop

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