Amantyde was born on February 2006 in Treviso (Veneto, Italy). The genre which they direct themselves is an alternative metal, mainly inspired by bands as Exilia, Black Label Society, Katatonia, Deftones. Band's members all come from different projects, which made them develop a deep live, studio and composition experience. After the recording of a previous four tracks promo CD called "Aurora" (March 2006) the band records on October 2006 at Majestic Studio (Venice, Italy), a seven tracks full length, called "Leavit all behind" which coming out on January 2007, has been welcomed in a very good way from press and local radios.The band starst a year full of live shows and interviews, in Italy. The band on April 2007 starts to work with the management & promotion metal agency Alkemist Fanatix Europe from Florence, and on October of the same year it signs a contract with indie label Black Fading from Bologna. Amantyde recorded on October - November 2008, at Morphing Studios (Bologna) their first official album "Bleeding miles" that will be out at the beginnings of 2009, distribuited by Plastic Head and Code 7 worldwide.