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1990-2002 The five pieces-band, Anthenora, was founded by Luigi, Fabio and Pooma (they were schoolmates) in 1990 in Saluzzo, a small town near Turin, Italy. This three guys were deeply influenced by Iron Maiden, Saxon, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Accept, Grave Digger and Helloween. The moniker of the band has been inspired by Dante Aligheri's "Divina Commedia” (Inferno ch. XXXII), Anthenora is a frozen lake in Inferno (hell), where the betrayers of the homeland are punished. In the nineties the band has released three demo-tapes: Bring me to Hell (1991), Heretical Symphonies (1994) and Demo'ns (1998). From 1998 to 2002 Anthenora has been one of the most known Italian Iron Maiden tribute band, playing all around the country, from North to South, increasing considerably the number of fans with powerful shows. In November 2002 the band was chosen by Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden's drummer) to join his "Total McBrain Damage” tours and to play with him. The great success and the deep feeling instituted with Anthenora led Nicko to repeat the tour in April 2003 and June 2004. A new one was repeated in November 2004 in Italy and Greece. 2002-2008 The strong belief in the chance of the band and the support of the estimators, led Anthenora to create new original songs. In autumn 2002 the band released a new self-produced promo EP titled "The General's awakening”. The EP was recorded at Remaster Studio Vicenza and produced by Tony "Mad” Fontò, leader of the well known Italian metal band White Skull. The "General's EP” aroused positives comments by important magazines and web ‘zines. Anthenora has been awarded by (Italy) and Metal as the best demo in 2002. Planet Jail, the first track of the EP has been included in the compilation "Metal Underground” by the Canadian label MeatHead records. During the "General's tour” the band supported Paul Di Anno, Mesmerize and Domine. On 2004 the Malaysian label Hard Music printed the "General's Awakening” in Malaysia and Singapore. In september 2003 Anthenora come back to Remaster Studio to record their first full-lenght album "The Last Command”. Produced by Tony Mad Fontò (from White Skull) and mastered by Luigi Stefanini at the New Sin Studio in Loria (Treviso), the album contains 10 songs of rough, classic heavy metal. "The last command” has been released the 22nd march 2004 by the spanish-german label Locomotive Records ( "The Last Command” is a concept album based on a story set between a darkened near future and the bleeding Europe of the second world war. The EP "The General's Awakening” represents the prologue of this tale. During the "Last Command Tour”, on 2004 the band played at the Valpolicella Metal Fest (Verona-Italy) supporting Udo, Vader, Thunderstorm and White Skull. In 2005 the band recorded the 2nd full-lenght album titled "Soul Grinder” that has been released on 2006 by the Italian label My Grave Yard Productions ( During the "Soulgrinder tour”, on August 2006 the band played at the Armageddon Metal festival with the german band Majesty. In 2008 Steeve Balocco and Meko Borra left the band to dedicade to other musical projects. Marco Kaste, as new bass player, and Danilo Bar from White Skull, (,, as guitar player, joined the band. 2009 At the end of january the band will start the recording session of the 3rd album which will be compose by 12 songs: The Old Guard, Machine Gunner, Poseidon, The Ghost of Iwo Jima, Leningrad, War of the rats, Pathfinder, Her Ees, The sniper, A Bridgevoo far, Valkyria, Enigma. Additional Infos: Luigi Bonansea, the singer of the band, has performed vocals with Angra's guitarist Kiko Loureiro, during his italian guitar-clinic tour on 2000. Fabio Smareglia, the drummer of the band, is endorser for the drumstick's factory "Vic Firth” since 2001.

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