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Testo della canzone

Act I : Warning
Act II: Mind Vs. Mind
Act III : Confusion

Act IVv : Different Sides

Where?s the heaven
of the human beings
that sells the paradise
am i in?

is the pagan love a sign
or maybe a little crime
just take me

going up and going down
do it twice a time
you wanna be?

i am your big offence
mistreated by your dirty hands
i am the system sign
the black dudes
that will feed your mind

i am your deepest scar
the nightmare from your
tortured nights
i?m the enemy of love
maybe you will cry for more

through a normal day i see
where the future is
in my misery

watch the strain of digging holes
victim of my desperate roles
as i used to be

you are my big defense
you are the one who knows my name
if i had one more day
maybe then you?ll see the end

we live on different sides
breaking all the normal lines
if no one understand
i will give the best i can

Act V : Afraid

You were falling
into a magic spell
you were calling
to the angel death

a new conception
of the life on earth
the new creation
my spirit flies again

i?m afraid
of living alone
yes i?m still afraid
of living on my own
i don?t care
people thoughts about
my solitude
nothing around

i don?t mind i don?t mind
to cross the fire
and cross the line
i will fight i will fight
anywhere anytime

Act VI : Man In Disillution

the day is near the night has fallen
your dirty mind have been stolen
there are some moments of confusion
now i?m a man is disillution
sometimes crying sometimes laughing
i sold my soul for you i?m nothing
i need an answer to this nightmare
the light is turning black inside me

Act VII : Golden Fields

You and me
will cross the line
will touch the golden fields
we learn it after time
i only know
that i will find
the answer to the eternity
the question of my life

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