Asha - Testo Lyrics Down The Shore

Testo della canzone

When i looked into your eyes
i could?n stand
one life is not enough
to give you thanks

and i?m watching the sky
waiting for a light
that give me a little sign

when i looked into your eyes
i was died

when i touch your little hands
you are mine
i knew you will be
the only one
to conquer my heart
and i?m wasting my time
losing my mind
i?m looking for the reason why
now i look into your eyes
you?ll be mine

something?s going wrong
you don?t smile
you have disappeared
where you are
you don?t answer the ohone
i?m feeling alone
what?s the reason you have gone
now i?m cold and tired
down the shore?

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album Civilized Stress - AshaCivilized Stress
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