Asha Gettime Testo Lyrics

Asha Gettime Testo Lyrics



Testo della canzone

I see you crying over the blue sea
i see you smiling near your integrity
i want to know
how to see the light
i don?t wanna lie
before you kiss me
i climb your heart
i?ll grow in you
i?ll dry your tears
i?ll hide your fears
i?ll keep your smile
i?ll keep you alive
i?ll keep your eyes
i?ll keep your fame
i?ll keep your steem
you?ll forget my name

never won?t back home
never felt alone
don?t you see the lights
where you leave your life
i just feel my way
i need it everytime
i can blow my mind
throw it all away

Album che contiene Gettime

album Waiting - Asha
Waiting - Covers

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