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Testo della canzone

Leave the past
your love is not my lust
i?m crying for the things
i?ve done
but then i knew you lost
i know you exist
get away from me oh! please
i?ll give you everything i need

and now you?re gone
you live alone
you?re crying , falling
want to call me
never, nevermore

now it?s time
to leave the pain outside
the sky is crying
heaven?s falling
and you smile

could it be
maybe you are still in me
but life has changed
all my feelings

i?m sorry, i?m sorry
but leave me alone
i?ve bought my past
it was expensive to my life
and finally i crossed
the line between our love
i?ll never cry
never, never anymore

now i?m leaving the past
yeah i?m leaving the past

i?m falling, loving, waiting
calling i tell you
that i?ve lived too fast

yeah i leave to live your past

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album Civilized Stress - Asha

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